Shigeo Kure, MD, PhD

Shigeo Kure

Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Tohoku University School of Medicine

Education and Career

  • Tohoku University, Ph.D. Medicine, 1988
  • Tohoku University, Associate Professor, 2000
  • Tohoku University, Professor of Pediatrics, 2011

Research Interests

  • Our research focuses on the genetic backgrounds and pathogenesis of congenital diseases. For addressing the purpose we employed the CGH microarray analysis, the genome-wide association analysis, and the next-generation sequencing, and the generation and analysis of knockout mice. Recently, we identified the first predisposing gene for Moyamoya disease, which is the main cause of childhood stroke and the close relationship between ischemic brain damage and extracellular glycine concentration in the central nervous system.

Recent Publications/Prize

  1. Kamada F, Aoki Y, Narisawa A, Abe Y, Komatsuzaki S, Kikuchi A, Kanno J, Niihori T, Ono M, Ishii N, Owada Y, Fujimura M, Mashimo Y, Suzuki Y, Hata A, Tsuchiya S, Tominaga T, Matsubara Y, Kure S. A genome-wide association study identifies RNF213 as the first Moyamoya disease gene. J Hum Genet 2011;56:34-40.
  2. Oda M, Kure S, Sugawara T, Yamaguchi S, Kojima K, Shinka T, Sato K, Narisawa A, Matsubara Y, Omae T, Mizoi K, Kinouchi H. Direct correlation between ischemic injury and extracellular glycine concentration in mice with genetically altered of the glycine cleavage multienzyme system. Stroke 2007;38:2157-64
  3. Japan Society of Inborn Error of Metabolism (JSIEM) Award (2010)


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